Yun's Room

Since : 7/15/2023, Last Update : 9/17/2023


Hi, I'm Yun!

After working in the manufacturing industry, Yun has been involved in automation and business process improvement.

Over 30 projects of varying sizes have been completed under Yun's supervision. His strengths lie in pursuing user-friendliness from the user's perspective and being highly conscious of uncompromising improvements


Here are my works. Some are used in production environment and actually used.You can see the details of each works from each image.

Supply and Demand Planner


This web application enables users to grasp various information of products and simulate supply and demand planning easily.

Fill in item number (AA0001 ~AA0245), then press "Refresh Button" or Enter key, the information and the bar chart is updated.

Ordering Qty, Incoming Qty, Forecast Qty can be updated by users, then End Stock informtion is updated automatically.

Back Ground

When I was working in manufacturing industry, demand forecasting and procuring are the most important and time consuming.

I had to go two excel files and a certain web application back and forth to check trend of demands, product information, revise forecast and update inventory simulation.

This application shows all necessary information at a screen and even make it possible to simulate inventory in the future.

Used Techniques


Spelling Test Trainer


This web application is a kind of typing game. Users key in words uttered by a browser.

Back Ground

My daughters were 5th grade and 3rd grade. I wanted to support my daughters to prepare for a spelling test held once a week, but I did not want to utter words because Enlglish was not my first language.

This application let users to select question data set and utter words. After finishing all answer, the result, user's answer and correct answer will be displayed.

If user accept cockie, data such as how many users tried in total will be recorded in the browser. User can refuse cockie if they want, of course.

Used Techniques


Vintage Furniture Shop Web site


This web site is a fictitious vintage furniture shop. I designed this web site to attract visitors as much as possible.

Back Ground

Web sites are not just an aggregation of information. I tried to bring out sense of presence of vintage furniture. Also, I tried to implement user interfaces to search furniture by category.

Used Techniques


Technical articles

Here are my technical articles for web development.